Contact the Mayor

Do you support cleaner neighborhoods and oceans, less trash and lower sanitation costs and a smaller carbon footprint for New York City?

Help out by calling or emailing the Office of the Mayor and urging Mayor de Blasio to speak out in support of the Lander-Chin bag bill (Intro 209-2014). The bill has majority support in the City Council and now is the time to pass it and sign it into law.

To reach the Mayor's office by phone, please call the Mayor's Community Affairs Unit at 212-788-7418.

To email the Mayor's office, please use this form.

Sample letter/information to include in your phone call:

My name is [NAME].
I live at [ADDRESS].
I would like to express my support of the Lander-Chin bag bill (Intro 209-2014) and request that the Mayor endorse the bill. It would require retailers to charge 5 cents for carryout bags (which the retailer keeps) to reduce the environmental impact of the bags as well as reduce cost to taxpayers of the carryout bag disposal.  Thanks for your time.
Sincerely, [YOUR NAME]