BYOBag Week – Day 7

How are you feeling right now? Like an eco-friendly all-star? You should.

Whether you made it the whole week, only a few days or simply reduced your consumption by a few bags, this Challenge was the first step towards living a greener, cleaner life.

Let us know how many single-use carryout bags you refused this week! Post your comments on our Bag It NYC Facebook page.

By cutting down on single-use bags, you helped to reduce your own environmental impact, lessened the burden on our city’s Sanitation Department and stopped growing the bag collection under your sink.

While the #BYOBag Challenge is over, our work isn’t done. . .

Keep educating your friends, classmates, coworkers and neighbors, and show your support of the bag bill and continue reducing your reliance on single-use bags.

Today is the People’s Climate March, so keep in mind that bringing your own bags can contribute to reducing greenhouse gases! By choosing to reuse you avoid using wasteful single-use bags, which contribute to greenhouse gas creation in their manufacture, transport, and disposal.

Finding a reusable bag that you like and remembering to use it can seriously reduce your carbon footprint. Also, please consider joining us at the People’s Climate March (more info below in the event section).

Thanks so much for participating! You are a rock star!